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How Property Management Companies Make Things Easy for Real Estate Agents

How Property Management Companies Make Things Easy for Real Estate Agents

When we think of real estate agents, most think of someone that helps people buy and sell houses. But what about rentals? In today’s market, residential investment properties are on the rise and real estate agents are frequently called upon to help fill these rentals.

Often times, when a real estate agent shows and fills a rental property, they will only benefit from a small commission while picking up a lot of responsibility. In addition to showing the property, agents assume responsibility for screening tenants, maintenance of the property, legalities, and more. If you’re not equipped to handle all these pieces (or are precluded from offering property management services for liability reasons and brokerage policy), you’re in for a busy year. That’s when a property management company comes into play.


Working with a good property management company will take many of the tedious responsibilities off your plate. A typical real estate agent rental transaction checklist includes, but is not limited to the following:

  1. Obtain the listing
  2. Market the property
  3. Organize property showings
  4. Screen tenants
  5. Negotiate terms
  6. Draft leases
  7. Get signatures
  8. Obtain certified funds
  9. Schedule Municipal inspection
  10. Fail Municipal inspection
  11. Schedule repairs
  12. Schedule re-inspection
  13. Meet tenant for move in
  14. Complete condition report and take photos
  15. Field calls from tenant
  16. Field calls from landlord
  17. Finally get paid

When working with SureWay Property Management, your list of responsibilities shrinks, but you keep your clients, relationships and paycheck. When working with SureWay, a real estate agent only needs to worry about:

  1. Obtaining the listing
  2. Marketing the property
  3. Organizing property showings

At that point, you collect your commission.


SureWay’s Partnership Program was designed to create a mutually beneficial relationship between real estate agents, their clients who own investment properties, and SureWay Property Management. This is the area’s first strategic program of its kind designed specifically with the real estate agent in mind.

SureWay provides a strategy to help real estate agents grow their business, a necessary service that a high percentage of real estate agent’s clients need (and the real estate agent is unable to provide) and an established partner you and your clients can trust.

SureWay is not your typical property management company. We’ve built our business on three core values of transparency, communication, and reliability, and our mission is to provide South Jersey and the Greater Philadelphia area with concierge-styled property management services to make OUR clients happy. We’ve been in the game for years, and now we’re trying to reinvent it. Work with us, and we’ll work for you.